Action Heavy Haul LLC
Oregon Office: 3882 Crater Lake Avenue Medford, OR 97504 Phone: 541-622-6080
Texas Office: 1704 Santa Fe Drive, Ste 200 Weatherford, TX 76086 Phone: 817-599-6760

Richard Voytilla – Voytilla Equipment Sales

Jennifer Hantz started chasing my business approximately 6 months ago. During that time she has been diligent in getting quotes out to me immediately on anything and everything that I needed. But the proof is in the pudding that she is an excellent sale rep is in her diligence the last couple of weeks!! We finally connected on a load and she was patiently waiting while the finance company did their dog and pony show only to have a truck immediately ready to pick up the loader the afternoon it funded!! Doing this after getting postponed several times with the promise it would close. I was so grateful for her persistence, because my client needed it on the job, and had waited for weeks for the funding, but in the end not for the trucking. She did everything she said she do, and that says a great deal in a business that full of truckers doing the Two Step!! Thank you Jennifer!!

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