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Truckers vs. Drivers

Action Heavy Haul LLC

There is a difference between a Trucker and a Driver. Drivers often utilize trucking as a job opportunity and a source of income. They are not passionate towards their truck and the trucking industry. They operate their truck and trailer to get the next job done and move on. On the other hand, there are Truckers. Truckers show immense passion for the trucking industry and the rig they drive. These truckers do it out of love and genuine interest. They will honk their horns when you do an arm pump out the window of your car. They treat their truck as one of their own and make sure to keep it in pristine condition.

With new technological advances and increased demand, passionate Truckers are in short supply. Action Heavy Haul strives daily to build and create new relationships with Truckers. This not only makes both of our lives easier, but our customers can rest assured that their shipment is in the right hands. We want to thank all the passionate Truckers for keeping the industry alive!

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